gss_decapsulate_token(3) API function


#include <gss.h>

OM_uint32 gss_decapsulate_token(gss_const_buffer_t input_token, gss_const_OID token_oid, gss_buffer_t output_token);


gss_const_buffer_t input_token
(buffer, opaque, read) Buffer with GSS-API context token.
gss_const_OID token_oid
(Object ID, read) Expected object identifier of token.
gss_buffer_t output_token
(buffer, opaque, modify) Decapsulated token data;
  caller must release with gss_release_buffer().


Remove the mechanism-independent token header from an initial GSS-API context token. Unwrap a buffer in the mechanism-independent token format. This is the reverse of gss_encapsulate_token(). The translation is loss-less, all data is preserved as is. This function is standardized in RFC 6339.


`GSS_S_COMPLETE`: Indicates successful completion, and that output parameters holds correct information.

`GSS_S_DEFECTIVE_TOKEN`: Means that the token failed consistency checks (e.g., OID mismatch or ASN.1 DER length errors).

`GSS_S_FAILURE`: Indicates that decapsulation failed for reasons unspecified at the GSS-API level.


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Copyright © 2003-2013 Simon Josefsson.
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