gst-feedback(1) generate debug info for GStreamer bug reports




gst-feedback is a utility that scans the system for various information that is useful to GStreamer developers to help diagnose user problem.

Depending on the type of bug report, it may be useful to attach the output of gst-feedback when you contact the developers.

NOTE: The current version of this script scans many dirs: /usr/lib /usr/local/lib /home /usr/include /usr/local/include /home (again) for various GStreamer installations. Depending on your system you may not want to do this. Improvements to the script are welcome.


Generate the feedback information by running gst-feedback:
Possibly redirect output and errors to a file:
gst-feedback &> myfeedback


The gst-feedback dumps a lot of information about a system, some of which may be considered sensitive. If this is a concern, review the information before posting to a public forum, such as the GStreamer bug tracking system.


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