gt-encseq-sample(1) Decode/extract encoded sequences by random choice.


gt encseq sample (sequence_file|indexname)


-mirrored [yes|no]

virtually append the reverse complement of each sequence (default: no)

-lossless [yes|no]

allow lossless original sequence retrieval (default: no)

-dir [string]

specify reading direction (fwd, cpl, rev, rcl) (default: fwd)

-singlechars [yes|no]

do not use a GtEncseqReader but access each sequence character separately (default: no)

-length [value]

minimum length to be extracted (default: undefined)

-seqrange [start end]

extract multiple consecutive sequences (default: undefined)

-output [...]

specify output format (choose from fasta|concat) (default: fasta)

-sepchar [string]

specify character to print as SEPARATOR (default: |)


display help for basic options and exit


display help for all options and exit


display version information and exit


Report bugs to <[email protected]>.