Gtk2::ActionGroup(3) wrapper for GtkActionGroup

NOTE: Translation

In C, gtk+'s action groups can use the translation domain to ensure that action labels and tooltips are translated along with the rest of the app. However, the translation function was not available for calling by the Perl bindings until gtk+ 2.6; that is, setting the translation domain had no effect. Translation of action groups is supported in Perl as of Gtk2 1.080 using gtk+ 2.6.0 or later.






actiongroup = Gtk2::ActionGroup->new ($name)

  • $name (string)

action = $action_group->get_action ($action_name)

  • $action_name (string)

$action_group->add_action ($action)

  • $action (Gtk2::Action)

$action_group->add_action_with_accel ($action, $accelerator)

  • $action (Gtk2::Action)
  • $accelerator (string or undef)

$action_group->add_actions ($action_entries, $user_data=undef)

  • $action_entries (scalar)
  • $user_data (scalar)

$action_group->add_radio_actions ($radio_action_entries, $value, $on_change, $user_data=undef)

  • $radio_action_entries (scalar)
  • $value (integer)
  • $on_change (scalar)
  • $user_data (scalar)

Create and add a set of "Gtk2::RadioAction" actions to $action_group. For example

      ([ [ "Red",   undef, "_Red",   "<Control>R", "Blood", 1 ],
         [ "Green", undef, "_Green", "<Control>G", "Grass", 2 ],
         [ "Blue",  undef, "_Blue",  "<Control>B", "Sky",   3 ],
       2,    # initial, or -1 for no initial
       sub {
         my ($first_action, $selected_action, $userdata) = @_;
         print "now: ", $selected_action->get_name, "\n";

"radio_action_entries" is an arrayref, each element of which is either a ref to a 6-element array

    [ $name,          # string
      $stock_id,      # string, or undef
      $label,         # string, or undef to use stock label
      $accelerator,   # string key name, or undef for no accel
      $tooltip,       # string, or undef for no tooltip
      $value          # integer, for $action->set_current_value etc

or a ref to a hash of named fields similarly. A "name" is mandatory, the rest are optional. "value" defaults to 0 if absent or "undef".

    { name        => $name,
      stock_id    => $stock_id,
      label       => $label,
      accelerator => $accelerator,
      tooltip     => $tooltip,
      value       => $value }

If $on_change is not "undef" then it's a signal handler function which is connected to the "changed" signal on the first action created. See Gtk2::RadioAction for that signal.

$action_group->add_toggle_actions ($toggle_action_entries, $user_data=undef)

  • $toggle_action_entries (scalar)
  • $user_data (scalar)

list = $action_group->list_actions

string = $action_group->get_name

$action_group->remove_action ($action)

  • $action (Gtk2::Action)

boolean = $action_group->get_sensitive

$action_group->set_sensitive ($sensitive)

  • $sensitive (boolean)

$action_group->set_translate_func ($func, $data=undef)

  • $func (scalar)
  • $data (scalar)

Since: gtk+ 2.6

string = $action_group->translate_string ($string)

  • $string (string)

Since: gtk+ 2.6

$action_group->set_translation_domain ($domain)

  • $domain (string)

boolean = $action_group->get_visible

$action_group->set_visible ($sensitive)

  • $sensitive (boolean)


'name' (string : default undef : readable / writable / construct-only / private)
A name for the action group.
'sensitive' (boolean : default true : readable / writable / private)
Whether the action group is enabled.
'visible' (boolean : default true : readable / writable / private)
Whether the action group is visible.


connect-proxy (Gtk2::ActionGroup, Gtk2::Action, Gtk2::Widget)
disconnect-proxy (Gtk2::ActionGroup, Gtk2::Action, Gtk2::Widget)
post-activate (Gtk2::ActionGroup, Gtk2::Action)
pre-activate (Gtk2::ActionGroup, Gtk2::Action)


Copyright (C) 2003-2011 by the gtk2-perl team.

This software is licensed under the LGPL. See Gtk2 for a full notice.