Gtk2::ImageView::Zoom(3) Functions for dealing with zoom factors


GtkImageView uses a discrete amount of zoom factors for determining which zoom to set. Using these functions, it is possible to retrieve information and manipulate a zoom factor.


double = Gtk2::ImageView::Zoom->clamp_zoom ($zoom)

  • $zoom (double)

Returns the zoom factor clamped to the minumum and maximum allowed values.

double = Gtk2::ImageView::Zoom->get_max_zoom

Returns the maximum allowed zoom factor.

double = Gtk2::ImageView::Zoom->get_min_zoom

Returns the minimum allowed zoom factor.

double = Gtk2::ImageView::Zoom->get_zoom_in ($zoom)

  • $zoom (double)

Returns the zoom factor that is one step larger than the supplied zoom factor.

double = Gtk2::ImageView::Zoom->get_zoom_out ($zoom)

  • $zoom (double)

Returns the zoom factor that is one step smaller than the supplied zoom factor.


Copyright (C) 2007 by Jeffrey Ratcliffe.

This software is licensed under the GPL-3; see Gtk2::ImageView for a full notice.