gvfs-ls(1) List files


gvfs-ls [OPTION...] [LOCATION...]



lists information about the given locations. If no location is given, it defaults to the current directory.

gvfs-ls is similar to the traditional ls utility, but using gvfs locations instead of local files: for example you can use something like smb://server/resource/file.txt as location.

File attributes can be specified with their gvfs name, e.g. standard::icon, or just by namespace, e.g. unix, or by '*' which matches all attributes. Several attributes or groups can be specified, separated by comma.


The following options are understood:

-?, --help

Prints a short help text and exits.


Shows the version number and exits.

-a, --attributes=ATTRIBUTES

The attributes to get, specified as a comma-separated list of gvfs file attribute names.

-h, --hidden

Show hidden files.

-l, --long

Use a long listing format.

-c, --show-completions=PREFIX

Show only filenames starting with PREFIX.

-n, --nofollow-symlinks

Don't follow symlinks.


On success 0 is returned, a non-zero failure code otherwise.