gxkb(1) X11 keyboard indicator and switcher.




gxkb is a little indicator applet which allows one to quickly switch between different keyboard layouts in X. A flag corresponding to the country of the active layout is shown in the indicator area.

The applet is written in C and uses the GTK+ library and therefore does not depend on any GNOME components.


Print the version number of gxkb to the standard output stream and list of features that was builded with.
Print a usage message briefly summarizing these command-line options, then exit.


Full paths below may vary between installations. They are also affected by the XDG_CONFIG_HOME and XDG_DATA_HOME environment variables.


Directory with system-wide resources.


Settings for the gxkb. If $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is either not set or empty, a default equal to $HOME/.config/gxkb/gxkb.cfg should be used. The configuration file should be created at first run and can be changed when gxkb is not running at this time. By the way configuration for gxkb can be changed on the fly with setxkbmap(1) command and gxkb will update configuration file at exit.


User's own resources to replace flag images from PREFIX/share/gxkb/flags directory. If $XDG_DATA_HOME is either not set or empty, a default equal to $HOME/.local/share/gxkb/flags should be used.


gxkb was written by Dmitriy Poltavchenko <[email protected]>. This manual page was originally written for the Debian GNU/Linux system by Mateusz Łukasik <[email protected]>.

Regular Manual Pages

xkeyboard-config(7), setxkbmap(1)