h4cc(1) compiles an HDF4 C program


h4cc [OPTIONS] <compile line>


h4cc compiles an HDF4 C program.


Display usage information
Show all the shell commands executed
Prefix directory to find HDF4 lib/ and include/ subdirectories [default: /usr]
Show the commands without executing them
Compile with shared HDF4 libraries [default for hdf4 built without static libraries]
Compile with static HDF4 libraries [default for hdf4 built with static libraries]
<compile line>
the normal compile line options for your compiler. h4cc uses the same compiler you used to compile HDF4. Check with your compiler's man pages for more information on which options are needed.

You can override the compiler, linker, and whether or not to use static or shared libraries to compile your program by setting the following environment variables accordingly:

use a different C compiler
use a different linker
use shared or static version of the HDF4 library [default: no]