haml(1) Translates Haml markup into its HTML equivalent


haml [options] [INPUT] [OUTPUT]


Uses the Haml engine to parse the selected template and outputs the result to the specified file.


--rails RAILS_DIR
Install Haml and Sass to a Rails project
-c, --check
Just check syntax, don't evaluate.
-s, --stdin
Read input from standard input instead of an input file
Show a full traceback on error
-t, --style NAME
Output style. Can be indented (default) or ugly.
-f, --format NAME
Output format. Can be xhtml (default), html4, or html5.
-e, --escape-html
Escape HTML characters (like ampersands and angle brackets) by default.
-q, --double-quote-attributes
Set attribute wrapper to double-quotes (default is single).
-r, --require FILE
Same as 'ruby -r'.
-I, --load-path PATH
Same as 'ruby -I'.
Print out the precompiled Ruby source.
-?, -h, --help
Show a usage summary
-v, --version
Print version


This manual page was written by Gunnar Wolf <[email protected]>, based on the command-line output of this program, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be freely used by others).