harvid(1) video server


harvid [,OPTION/] [,document-root/]


harvid - http ardour video server


-A <cmdlist>, --admin <cmdlist>
space separated list of allowed admin commands. An exclamation-mark before a command disables it. default: 'flush_cache'; available: flush_cache, purge_cache, shutdown
-c <path>, --chroot <path>
change system root - jails server to this path
-C <frames>
set initial frame-cache size (default: 128)
-D, --daemonize
fork into background and detach from TTY
-g <name>, --groupname <name>
assume this user-group
-h, --help
display this help and exit
-F <feat>, --features <feat>
space separated list of optional features. An exclamation-mark before a features disables it. default: 'index'; available: index, seek, flatindex, keepraw
-l <path>, --logfile <path>
specify file for log messages
-M, --memlock
attempt to lock memory (prevent cache paging)
-p <num>, --port <num>
TCP port to listen on (default 1554)
-P <listenaddr>
IP address to listen on (default
-q, --quiet, --silent
inhibit usual output (may be used thrice)
-s, --syslog
send messages to syslog
-t <thread-limit>
set maximum decoder-threads (default: 8)
-T <sec>, --timeout <secs>
set a timeout after which the server will terminate if no new request arrives
-u <name>, --username <name>
server will act as this user
-v, --verbose
print more information (may be used twice)
-V, --version
print version information and exit

The default document-root (if unspecified) is the system root: / or C:\.

If both syslog and logfile are given that last specified option will be used.

--verbose and --quiet are additive. The default is to print warnings and above only. Available log-levels are 'mute', 'critical, 'error', 'warning' and 'info'.

The --features option allows one to enable or disable ,/seek/ and ,/index/ http-handlers and change their respone: The 'flatindex' option concerns /index&flatindex=1 which recursively indexes all video file. It is disabled by defaults since a recursive search of the default docroot / can takes a very long time. When requesting png or jpeg images harvid decodes a raw RGB frame and then encodes it again. If 'keepraw' feature is enabled, both the raw RGB and encoded image are kept in cache. The default is to invaldate the RGB frame after encoding the image.


harvid -A '!flush_cache purge_cache shutdown' -C 256 /tmp/

sudo harvid -c /tmp/ -u nobody -g nogroup /


Report bugs to <[email protected]> or https://github.com/x42/harvid/issues
Website http://x42.github.com/harvid/

Compiled with Lavf56.40.101 Lavc56.60.100 Lavu54.31.100


Copyright © GPL 2002-2013 Robin Gareus <[email protected]>