hawki_step_detect_obj(7) Object detection recipe


esorex hawki_step_detect_obj [OPTIONS] FILE.sof


hawki_step_detect_obj -- hawki detect objects recipe.

This recipe detects objects from the combined image creating a mask and a list of object properties The input of the recipe files listed in the Set Of Frames (sof-file) must be tagged as: combined.fits COMBINED The recipe creates as an output: hawki_step_detect_obj_mask.fits (OBJ_MASK): A mask with 1 where the objects are present and 0 elsewhere hawki_step_detect_obj_stars.fits (OBJ_PARAM): A table with the detected objects characteristics Return code: esorex exits with an error code of 0 if the recipe completes successfully or 1 otherwise


--median_smooth <long>
box size for a median smoothing of the image before the detection (long; default: 3). The full name of this option for the EsoRex configuration file is hawki.hawki_step_detect_obj.median_smooth [default = 3].
--detect_sigma <float>
detection level (float; default: 7.0). The full name of this option for the EsoRex configuration file is hawki.hawki_step_detect_obj.detect_sigma [default = 7.0].
--growing_radius <long>
radius of convolution kernel to apply to objects (long; default: 5). The full name of this option for the EsoRex configuration file is hawki.hawki_step_detect_obj.growing_radius [default = 5].

Note that it is possible to create a configuration file containing these options, along with suitable default values. Please refer to the details provided by the 'esorex --help' command.


hawki_step_detect_obj 1.8.21


Cesar Enrique Garcia Dabo <[email protected]>


Please report any problems to [email protected] Alternatively, you may send a report to the ESO User Support Department <[email protected]>.


This file is part of the HAWKI Instrument Pipeline Copyright (C) 2002,2011 European Southern Observatory

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