hdate_struct(3) libhdate Hebrew date struct


#include <hdate.h>

Data Fields

int hd_day

int hd_mon

int hd_year

int gd_day

int gd_mon

int gd_year

int hd_dw

int hd_size_of_year

int hd_new_year_dw

int hd_year_type

int hd_jd

int hd_days

int hd_weeks

Detailed Description

libhdate Hebrew date struct

Field Documentation

int hdate_struct::hd_dayThe number of day in the hebrew month (1..31).

int hdate_struct::hd_monThe number of the hebrew month 1..14 (1 - tishre, 13 - adar 1, 14 - adar 2).

int hdate_struct::hd_yearThe number of the hebrew year.

int hdate_struct::gd_dayThe number of the day in the month. (1..31)

int hdate_struct::gd_monThe number of the month 1..12 (1 - jan).

int hdate_struct::gd_yearThe number of the year.

int hdate_struct::hd_dwThe day of the week 1..7 (1 - sunday).

int hdate_struct::hd_size_of_yearThe length of the year in days.

int hdate_struct::hd_new_year_dwThe week day of Hebrew new year.

int hdate_struct::hd_year_typeThe number type of year.

int hdate_struct::hd_jdThe Julian day number

int hdate_struct::hd_daysThe number of days passed since 1 tishrey

int hdate_struct::hd_weeksThe number of weeks passed since 1 tishrey


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