Heap::Elem::NumRev(3) Reversed Numeric Heap Elements


use Heap::Elem::NumRev( NumRElem );
use Heap::Fibonacci;
my $heap = Heap::Fibonacci->new;
my $elem;
foreach $i ( 1..100 ) {
$elem = NumRElem( $i );
$heap->add( $elem );
while( defined( $elem = $heap->extract_top ) ) {
print "Largest is ", $elem->val, "\n";


Heap::Elem::NumRev is used to wrap numeric values into an element that can be managed on a heap. The top of the heap will have the largest element still remaining. (See Heap::Elem::Num if you want the heap to always return the smallest element.)

The details of the Elem interface are described in Heap::Elem.

The details of using a Heap interface are described in Heap.


John Macdonald, [email protected]


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