heri-stat(1) calculates precision, recall, F1


heri-stat [OPTIONS] golden_file predictions_file

heri-stat -1 [OPTIONS] [files...]


Unless option -1 was applied heri-stat reads golden classes from golden_file (one class per line) and predicted classes from predictions_file (one class per line) and outputs precision, recall, F1 and some other statistics to stdout. It is allowed for predictions_file to contain two tokens per line, the first one is a class and the second one is a score, e.g. probability.

If -1 was applied, two or three tokens per line are expected on input: golden class, predicted class, and optional score.


-h, --help
Display help information.
-R, --raw
Raw tab-separated output.
-m, --micro-avg
Disable micro averaged P/R/F1 output.
-r, --macro-avg
Disable macro averaged P/R/F1 output.
-c, --per-class
Disable output of per-class statistics.
-a, --accuracy
Disable output of accuracy.
-1, --single
2 or 3 tokens per line are expected on input
-u, --unclassified label
Set the label for ``unclassified'' object. If specified, micro-averaged P/R/F1 is calculated instead of accuracy. Also, statistics for this class is not calculated.
-t, --treshold value
Consider classes with score less than the specified value as unclassified.