hexdump(3) dump binary data in hex/ascii format


Debug Library (-ldebug)


#include <debug/log.h>
#include <debug/hex.h>

void hexdump(const void *ptr, size_t size);


hexdump() prints size bytes, starting at ptr in memory, using the debug log system.

The output consists of 6 columns. The first column contains the address of the row (in bytes). Columns 2 to 5 contain the characters in the row represented as hexadecimal bytes. The last column contains the bytes as printable characters. If a character is not printable it is replaced by a dot.


None of the libdebug routines are thread-safe. I'm not planning to change this either! For more information, please see http://threading.2038bug.com/


Written by Abraham vd Merwe <[email protected]>