hfa(4) FORE Systems 200-Series ATM adapter driver


device hfa


The driver provides support for the FORE Systems ATM series 200 adapters. This driver will support up to eight devices in a system at any given time. The driver follows the AALI or FORE ATM Adaptation Layer Interface and as such will adhere to its specifications. The supported AALs include:

  • FORE AAL 0: The cell service;
  • FORE AAL 4: Version three and four of AAL;
  • FORE AAL 5: Version five of AAL.

The driver supports traffic shaping for cards with firmware revisions of 4.X.X, see fore_dnld8. The following sysctls are recognized by the driver and may be used to enable or disable traffic shaping:

hw.atm.hfa N .shape (0)
Disable shaping on card number N
hw.atm.hfa N .shape (1)
Set one VCI to be traffic shaped on device N This will shape the first CBR VCI which is opened.
hw.atm.hfa N .shape (2)
Attempt to shape all VCIs on device N

The firmware should be loaded before using this driver, this can be an easy task if the fore_dnld8 utility is used. If the /etc/rc.d/atm1 file has been properly configured then the firmware update should be automatic.


The driver supports the following adapters:

  • FORE Systems PCA-200E ATM
  • FORE Systems 200S
  • FORE Systems 200


"fore_cmd_drain: %s%d: GET_PROM failed"
The driver failed to drain the PROM buffer.
"fore initialization failed: intf=%s%d"
Initialization of the card has failed.
"fore initialization timed out: intf=%s%d"
Initialization of the card has timed out.
"hfa: version mismatch: fore=%d.%d kernel=%d.%d"
A version mismatch error has occurred.


The driver was written by Network Computing Services, Inc. and added to Fx 3.0 by An Poul-Henning Kamp Aq [email protected] . This manual page first appeared in Fx 5.3 .


This manual page was written by An Tom Rhodes Aq [email protected] .