hh-latency-estimator(1) estimate spike latency of a HH neuron


        [-f.. | -l...] [-y... -o -cnt -Tname -Sname -h]


hh-latency-estimator constructs a one-neuron model consisting of a Hodgkin-Huxley neuron receiving excitation from a Pulse or Poisson oscillator. The HH neuron and the synapse are set up with parameters as specified (see option -y) and run to the first spike, recording the latency, a number of times.


  • -fmin:inc:max Use a DotPulse oscillator, with these values for f (double), or
  • -fmin:inc:max Use a DotPoisson oscillator, with these values for lambda (double).
  • -ygval
  • -ybval
  • -yrval Synapse parameters: gsyn (required), beta and trel, resp.
  • -c n Repeat n times.
  • -T file Collect stats on irreg_cnt file.
  • -S file Collect stats on irreg_mags file.


Andrei Zavada <[email protected]>.