Histogram_params(3) This document briefly describes all histogram


Parameters of type CHARACTER set in calls to entry HSTOPC:
Format for class labels. Default is '(G10.3)'.
A main title of up to 96 characters. Only 45 characters are written per line so up to 3 lines may be written. The default is no title.
A label for the class interval (histogram bar) axis. Default value is 'CLASS INTERVALS' when the HSTOPL option 'MID=OFF' is selected, and 'CLASS MIDVALUES' when 'MID=ON'.
The percent axis label. Default value when 'PTI=OFF' is 'PERCENT OCCURRENCE' when IFLAG = 0, or 1, and 'PERCENT of MAXIMUM' when IFLAG = 2, or 3.
The frequency axis label. Default value is 'FREQUENCY'.
A concatenated string of class interval labels. Default is that class labels will be internally computed numeric values (real or integer.)

Parameters of type INTEGER set in calls to entry HSTOPI:

Eight components of the graphic can be assigned colors. Default is that all components of the graphic are assigned the color white (background color black.)
Allows the size and orientation of class labels to be altered. Defaults are medium sized characters with a horizontal alignment.

Parameters of type LOGICAL set in calls to entry HSTOPL:

Defines whether histogram bars will be draw horizontally or vertically. Default is vertical bars.
Determines whether a percentage axis is drawn as a second axis on the opposite side of the frame from the normal frequency axis. Default is a second axis.
Determines if class labels are placed at the midpoint of each class interval, or if the class interval end points are labeled. Default is labels at the midpoints.
Determines whether histogram bars are to be shaded. Default is shaded bars.

Devices will vary as to how they interpret shading.

Determines if lines are to be drawn through the histogram bars where Y-axis tick marks would occur. Default is no line.
Determines if a line is drawn through the median value of all points. Default is no median line.
Determines if missing values are to be subtracted from the number of input points before bin percentages are computed. The default is to subtract out the missing values. HSTOPR option MVA must be ON to activate this option.
Determines if the number of input points and the number of missing values are to be printed on the plot. The default is to not print. HSTOPR option MVA must be ON to activate this option.
Determines if a perimeter is to be drawn around the histogram. Default is no perimeter.
Determines whether the frame is advanced after the histogram is drawn. Default is a frame advance.
Determines if all the options along with their values are to be printed on the standard output. Default is no printed output.
A global default switch which allows all parameters to be returned to their default states in one call. All parameters begin at their default values.

Parameters of type REAL set in calls to entry HSTOPR:

Defines a rectangular region of the total frame in NDC's where the current histogram is to be plotted. For example, XMIN=0., XMAX=.5, YMIN=.5, and YMAX=1. would specify the upper left quadrant of the frame. Default is the total frame is used.
Defines the amount of spacing between histogram bars and and the amount of overlap of histogram bars. Default values: spacing = 2.0, overlap = -1.0 This will yield spacing between bars on a single histogram and overlap of bars in the comparison of two histograms.
Defines a special value which can be inserted in the data stream to indicate that the true data value is missing, and a testing tolerance which allows the special values to be detected. See also parameters PMV, and NMV. Default values: special value = -9999., tolerance = 1.E-10.


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