hpsplit(1) Split a list of FITS tables into healpix tiles


hpsplit [options] input-FITS-catalog [...]


-o pattern
Output filename pattern (with %i printf-pattern)
-r column
Name of RA column in FITS table (default RA)
-d column
Name of DEC column in FITS table (default DEC)
-n Nside
Healpix Nside. Default is 1
-m margin
Add a margin of this many degrees around the healpixes; default 0
Gzip'd inputs
-c name
Copy given column name to the output files
-t dir
Use the given temp dir; default is ,/tmp/
-b file
Save the filenumber->filename map in this file; enables writing backreferences too


The Astrometry.net team. Principal investigators are David W. Hogg (NYU) and Dustin Lang (CMU).