html2stx(1) convert HTML documents into Stx


html2stx [ file ]


html2stx takes the given file, which should contain an HTML document, and converts it to structured text (Stx). If no file is given, standard input is read instead.

The program does not attempt to convert every possibly convertible piece of markup into Stx. For example, <font> tags are simply ignored. This tends to result in a nice, clean, beautiful document. (If it doesn't, the source document probably does not contain enough information to start with.)




html2stx is a python script and will throw an exception if something goes amiss. In this case, the return value will be non-zero.


  • The word wrapping algorithm is probably not very clever.
  • Sometimes there are extra linebreaks in the output.
  • Probably many others.


This manual page was written by Panu A. Kalliokoski.

html2stx is derived from the html2text utility by Aaron Swartz. html2text is a utility for converting html into "Markdown" structured text; the changes required to make it work for Stx were done by Panu Kalliokoski.