HTML::FormFu::Constraint::DependOn(3) Multi-field Dependency Constraint


version 2.03


type: DependOn
name: foo
others: bar


If a value is submitted for the field this constraint is attached to, then a value must also be submitted for all fields named in ``others'' in HTML::FormFu::Role::Constraint::Others.

By default, if any of the named fields in ``others'' in HTML::FormFu::Role::Constraint::Others are missing, an error will be attached to each missing field. This behaviour can be changed by setting any of ``attach_errors_to_base'' in HTML::FormFu::Role::Constraint::Others, ``attach_errors_to_others'' in HTML::FormFu::Role::Constraint::Others or ``attach_errors_to'' in HTML::FormFu::Role::Constraint::Others.

This constraint doesn't honour the "not()" value.


Carl Franks "[email protected]"


This library is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.