HTML::FormHandler::Field::Date(3) a date field with formats


version 0.40065


This field may be used with the jQuery Datepicker plugin.

You can specify the format for the date using jQuery formatDate strings or DateTime strftime formats. (Default format is format => '%Y-%m-%d'.)

   d  - "%e" - day of month (no leading zero)
   dd - "%d" - day of month (two digit)
   o  - "%{day_of_year}" - day of the year (no leading zeros)
   oo - "%j" - day of the year (three digit)
   D  - "%a" - day name short
   DD - "%A" - day name long
   m  - "%{day_of_month}" - month of year (no leading zero)
   mm - "%m" - month of year (two digit) "%m"
   M  - "%b" - month name short
   MM - "%B" - month name long
   y  - "%y" - year (two digit)
   yy - "%Y" - year (four digit)
   @  - "%s" - Unix timestamp (ms since 01/01/1970)

For example:

   has_field 'start_date' => ( type => 'Date', format => "dd/mm/y" );


   has_field 'start_date' => ( type => 'Date', format => "%d/%m/%y" );

You can also set 'date_end' and 'date_start' attributes for validation of the date range. Use iso_8601 formats for these dates (``yyyy-mm-dd'');

   has_field 'start_date' => ( type => 'Date', date_start => "2009-12-25" );

Customize error messages 'date_early' and 'date_late':

   has_field 'start_date' => ( type => 'Date,
       messages => { date_early => 'Pick a later date',
                     date_late  => 'Pick an earlier date', } );

Using with HTML5

If the field's form has its 'is_html5' flag active, then the field's rendering behavior changes in two ways:
  • It will render as <input type=``date'' ... /> instead of type=``text''.
  • If the field's format is set to anything other than ISO date format (%Y-%m-%d), then attempting to render the field will result in a warning.

    (Note that the default value for the field's format attribute is, in fact, the ISO date format.)


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