HTML::FormHandler::Field::Password(3) password field


version 0.40065


The password field has a default minimum length of 6, which can be easily changed:

  has_field 'password' => ( type => 'Password', minlength => 7 );

It does not come with additional default checks, since password requirements vary so widely. There are a few constraints in the HTML::FormHandler::Types modules which could be used with this field: NoSpaces, WordChars, NotAllDigits. These constraints can be used in the field definitions 'apply':

   use HTML::FormHandler::Types ('NoSpaces', 'WordChars', 'NotAllDigits' );
   has_field 'password' => ( type => 'Password',
          apply => [ NoSpaces, WordChars, NotAllDigits ],

You can add your own constraints in addition, of course.

If a password field is not required, then the field will be marked 'noupdate', to prevent a null from being saved into the database.


Set this attribute to the name of your username field (default 'username') if you want to check that the password is not the same as the username. Does not check by default.


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