HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Predicate(3) a predicate object for


my $pred = HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Predicate->new('spec' => $spec);


my $pred = HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Predicate->new('spec' => $spec)

Creates a new object.

$pred->evaluate( 'path_info' => $path_info, 'current_host' => $current_host )

Evaluates the predicate in the context of $path_info and $current_host and returns the result.


The type of the predicate.


Sets/gets the boolean value in case the type is a boolean.


Sets/gets the callback in case the type is callback.


Sets/gets the regular expression in case the type is ``regexp''.


Copyright 2006 Shlomi Fish, all rights reserved.

This program is released under the following license: MIT X11.