HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::PriorityList(3) A Priority List


version 0.09


use HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::PriorityList;
# simple constructor
my $plist = HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::PriorityList->new(
[ 1.0 => 'foo' ],
[ 0.5 => 'bar' ],
[ 0.2 => 'baz' ],
# from headers
my $plist = HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::PriorityList->new_from_string(
'foo; q=1.0, bar; q=0.5, baz; q=0.2'


This is a simple priority list implementation, this is used to handle the Accept-* headers as they typically will contain values along with a ``q'' value to indicate quality.


"new_from_string ( $header_string )"
This accepts a HTTP header string which get parsed and loaded accordingly.
"add ( $quality, $choice )"
Add in a new $choice with a given $quality.
"get ( $quality )"
Given a certain $quality, it returns the various choices available.
"priority_of ( $choice )"
Given a certain $choice this returns the associated quality of it.
This returns a list of two item ARRAY refs with the quality as the first item and the associated choice as the second item. These are sorted accordingly.

When two items have the same priority, they are returned in the order that they were found in the header.

By default, this does nothing. It exists so that subclasses can override it.


Stevan Little <[email protected]>



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