HTTP::OAI::ListIdentifiers(3) Provide access to an OAI ListIdentifiers response


my $r = $h->ListIdentifiers;
while(my $rec = $r->next) {
print "identifier => ", $rec->identifier, "\n",
print "datestamp => ", $rec->datestamp, "\n" if $rec->datestamp;
print "status => ", ($rec->status || 'undef'), "\n";

die $r->message if $r->is_error;


$li = new OAI::ListIdentifiers
This constructor method returns a new OAI::ListIdentifiers object.
$rec = $li->next
Returns either an HTTP::OAI::Header object, or undef, if there are no more records. Use $rec->is_error to test whether there was an error getting the next record (otherwise things will break).

If -resume was set to false in the Harvest Agent, next may return a string (the resumptionToken).

@il = $li->identifier([$idobj])
Returns the identifier list and optionally adds an identifier or resumptionToken, $idobj. Returns an array ref of HTTP::OAI::Headers.
$dom = $li->toDOM
Returns a XML::DOM object representing the ListIdentifiers response.
$token = $li->resumptionToken([$token])
Returns and optionally sets the HTTP::OAI::ResumptionToken.