HTTP::Proxy::HeaderFilter::standard(3) An internal filter to respect RFC2616


This is an internal filter used by HTTP::Proxy to enforce behaviour compliant with RFC 2616.


This filter implements a single method that is called automatically:
Enforce RFC 2616-compliant behaviour, by adding the "Via:" and "X-Forwarded-For:" headers (except when the proxy was instructed not to add them), decrementing the "Max-Forwards:" header and removing the hop-by-hop and LWP::UserAgent headers.

Note that the filter will automatically remove the "Accept-Encoding" headers if the proxy has at least one HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter filter. (This is to ensure that the filters will receive uncompressed data.)


Philippe ``BooK'' Bruhat, <[email protected]>.

Thanks to Gisle Aas, for directions regarding the handling of the hop-by-hop headers.


Copyright 2003-2015, Philippe Bruhat.


This module is free software; you can redistribute it or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.