hv_ata_pci_disengage(4) Hyper-V ATA PCI Disengage driver


To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in the system kernel configuration file:
device hyperv


The driver prevents the native Fx ATA driver from loading in the presence of Hyper-V. Fx guests running on Hyper-V can take advantage of the Hyper-V Storage Virtual Consumer (hv_storvsc4 ) for using their IDE devices. Since the ATA driver serves IDE devices as well, there is a chance that the ATA driver may interfere with the operations of hv_storvsc4. The driver avoids conflicts between the ATA driver and hv_storvsc4 by disabling the ATA driver when the Fx guest is booting.

A side effect of disabling the ATA driver is that CDROM may become inoperational on Fx guest partitions. If CDROM access is a must then users may use "set hw.ata.disk_enable=1" at boot time to prevent the ATA driver from being disabled.


Support for first appeared in Fx 10.0 . The driver was developed through a joint effort between Citrix Incorporated, Microsoft Corporation, and Network Appliance Incorporated.


An -nosplit Fx support for was first added by An Microsoft BSD Integration Services Team Aq [email protected] .