hxunent(1) replace HTML predefined character entities by UTF-8


hxunent [ -b ] [ -f ] [ file ]


The hxunent command reads the file (or standard input) and copies it to standard output with &-entities by their equivalent character (encoded as UTF-8). E.g., &quot; is replaced by " and &lt; is replaced by <.


The following options are supported:
The five builtin entities of XML (&lt; &gt; &quot; &apos; &amp;) are not replaced but copied unchanged. This is necessary if the output has to be valid XML or SGML.
This option changes how unknown entities or lone ampersands are handled. Normally they are copied unchanged, but this option tries to "fix" them by replacing ampersands by &amp;. Often such stray ampersands are the result of copy and paste of URLs into a document and then this option indeed fixes them and makes the document valid.


The program's exit value is 0 if all went well, otherwise:
The input couldn't be read (file not found, file not readable...)
Wrong command line arguments.


The program assumes entities are as defined by HTML. It doesn't read a document's DTD to find the actual definitions in use in a document. With -f, it will even remove all entities that are not HTML entities.