i3-save-tree(1) save (parts of) the layout tree for restoring


i3-save-tree [--workspace=name|number] [--output=name]


Dumps a workspace (or an entire output) to stdout. The data is supposed to be edited a bit by a human, then later fed to i3 via the append_layout command.

The append_layout command will create placeholder windows, arranged in the layout the input file specifies. Each container should have a swallows specification. When a window is mapped (made visible on the screen) that matches the specification, i3 will put it into that place and kill the placeholder.

If neither argument is specified, the currently focused workspace will be used.


Specifies the workspace that should be dumped, e.g. 1. This can either be a name or the number of a workspace.
Specifies the output that should be dumped, e.g. LVDS-1.


Version 0.1


Michael Stapelberg, "<michael at i3wm.org>"


Copyright 2013 Michael Stapelberg.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the BSD license.