i3bar(1) xcb-based status- and workspace-bar


i3bar [-s sock_path] [-b bar_id] [-v] [-h]


i3bar will automatically be invoked by i3 for every bar configuration block.

Starting it manually is usually not what you want to do.

You have been warned!


-s, --socket sock_path

Overwrites the path to the i3 IPC socket.

-b, --bar_id bar_id

Specifies the bar ID for which to get the configuration from i3.

-v, --version

Display version number and exit.

-h, --help

Display a short help-message and exit


i3bar displays a bar at the bottom (or top) of your monitor(s) containing workspace switching buttons and a statusline generated by i3status(1) or similar. It is automatically invoked (and configured through) i3.

i3bar supports colors via a JSON protocol starting from v4.2, see http://i3wm.org/docs/i3bar-protocol.html



Used as a fallback for the i3 IPC socket path if neither the commandline contains an argument nor the I3_SOCKET_PATH property is set on the X11 root window.


Nothing to see here, move along. As stated above, you should not run i3bar manually.

Instead, see the i3 documentation, especially the User's Guide.


Axel Wagner and contributors