iac(1) PolyORB's IDL-to-Ada compiler


iac opts file [-cppargs args]


iac is an IDL-to-Ada compiler, compliant with version 1.2 of the "Ada Language Mapping Specification" produced by the OMG.


iac accepts the following options:

Preprocess only. -k Keep temporary files.
Produce source on standard output.
-o DIR
Specify output directory.
Generate debug messages when analyzing scopes
Dump the frontend tree (the IDL tree)
-cppargs ARGS
Pass ARGS to the C++ preprocessor.
-I dir
Shortcut for -cppargs -I dir.
Do not preprocess input
Generate code for a supported language
Generate a list of all types present in the IDL file
Print the list generate
Generate Ada source code
Generate implementation template.
Generate client side code.
Generate server side code.
Generate delegation package. (defunct)
Generate code for interface repository.(defunct)
Don't generate code for interface repository (default).
Using perfect minimal hash tables in skeletons and minimize CPU time
Using perfect minimal hash tables in skeletons and minimize memory space
Use the SII/SSI to handle requests
Use the DII/DSI to handle requests (default)
Dump the Ada tree
Generate only the package bodies
Generate only the package specs
Output the withed entities
Output tree warnings
Generate code for imported entities
Dump parsed IDL file
-b n
Base to output integer literal As a default (zero) use base from input
Expand IDL Tree
Dump IDL Tree (may be used in conjunction with -e to dump the expanded IDL tree)
Output IDL code of imported entities (may be used in conjunction with -e to output the expanded IDL code)


iac returns one of the following values upon exit:
Successful completion
Usage error
Illegal IDL specification


The PolyORB team, [email protected].