ib_write_bw_postlist(1) RDMA write post list bandwidth test


ib_write_bw_postlist [ options ] [ server IP address ]


This program tests the bandwidth of RMDA write transactions.


-p, --port=<port>
listen on/connect to port <port> (default 18515)
-d, --ib-dev=<dev>
use IB device <dev> (default first device found)
-i, --ib-port=<port>
use port <port> of IB device (default 1)
-c, --connection=<RC/UC>
connection type RC/UC (default RC)
-m, --mtu=<mtu>
mtu size (256 - 4096. default for hermon is 2048)
-g, --post=<num of posts>
number of posts for each qp in the chain (default tx_depth)
-q, --qp=<num of qp's>
Num of qp's(default 1)
-s, --size=<size>
size of message to exchange (default 65536)
-a, --all
Run sizes from 2 till 2^23
-t, --tx-depth=<dep>
size of tx queue (default 100)
-n, --iters=<iters>
number of exchanges (at least 2, default 5000)
-I, --inline_size=<size>
max size of message to be sent in inline mode (default 400)
-b, --bidirectional
measure bidirectional bandwidth (default unidirectional)
-V, --version
display version number
-F, --CPU-freq
do not fail even if cpufreq_ondemand module is loaded


Guy Coates < [email protected] >