ibid-factpack(1) Factoid-package management utility for Ibid


ibid-factpack [-s] factpack-file
ibid-factpack -r [-f] factpack-name
ibid-factpack -h


This utility is for adding and removing sets of packaged factoids, known as factpacks, from your Ibid's factoid database.

The default mode is factpack loading. The factpack-file specified is loaded into the bot's database. Should the pack contain any facts with the same name as an existing fact in the bot's database, loading will be aborted, unless the -s option is supplied.

Factpacks can be gzipped if the filename ends with .gz.

When invoked with the -r option, the named factpack (original import filename minus the extension) will be removed from the bot. If any of the facts contained in that pack were modified while loaded in the bot, unloading will be aborted, unless the -f option is supplied.


-r, --remove
Remove the named factpack, rather than importing.
-f, --force
Force removal, if facts in the factpack were modified by users.
-s, --skip
Skip facts that clash with existing factoids, during import.
-h, --help
Show a help message and exit.


Factpacks are JSON-encoded text files containing a list of facts. Each fact is a tuple of two lists: fact-names, fact-values. The same substitutions are available as in normal online Factoids.


 [["Hello", "Hi"], ["<reply> Hi There", "<action> waves"]],
 [["Bye"], ["<reply> kbye $who", "<reply> Cheers"]]


Locates the database to act upon by looking for the [databases].ibid value in the bot configuration file in the current directory.