iCal::Parser::SAX(3) Generate SAX events from an iCalendar


use iCal::Parser::SAX;
my $parser=iCal::Parser::SAX->new(Handler=>SAXHandler,%args);


This module uses iCal::Parser to generates SAX events for the calendar contents.

The xml document generated is designed for creating monthly calendars with weeks beginning on monday (e.g., by passing the output through an xsl styleheet).

The basic structure of the generated document (if output through a simple output handler like "XML::SAX::Writer"), is as follows:

     <calendar id="cal-id" index="n" name="..." description="..."/>
     <year year="YYYY">
       <month month="[1-12]">
         <week week="n">
           <day date="YYYY-MM-DD">
             <event uid="event-id" idref="cal-id" [all-day="1"]>
               <!-- ... -->
      <todo idref="cal-id" uid="...">
        <!--- ... -->

Along with basics, such as converting calendar attributes to lowercase elements (e.g., a "DTSTART" attribute in the input would generate a sax event like "element({Name="'dtstart'})>), a number of other processes occur:

  • "day" elements are are generated for each date within the months from the first month in the input to the last, even if there are no calendar events on that day. This guarantees a complete calendar month for further processing. If there is an overlap between two or more events, the attribute "conflict", containing the number of concurrent overlaps, is added to the element.
  • If the beginning or end of the month does not start on a monday, or end on a sunday, the days from the previous (next) month month are duplicated within the first (last) week of the current month, including duplicate copies of any calendar events occuring on those days. This allows for displaying a monthly calendar the same way a program such as Apple's iCal would, with calendar events showing up if they fall within the overlapping days in the first or last week of a monthly calendar.


Along with the standard SAX parsing methods "parse_uri", "parse_file", etc.), the following methods are supported.


Create a new SAX parser. All arguments other than "Handler" and "no_escape" are passed to iCal::Parser.


The SAX handler.
If not set, quotes, ampersands and apostrophes are converted to entites. In any case < is converted to an entity, "\\n" is converted to the return entity and double backslashes ("\\") are removed.


Pass all the input uris to "iCal::Parser" and generate a combined output calendar.


Parse the hash returned from iCal::Parser::calendar directly.


Rick Frankel, [email protected]


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

The full text of the license can be found in the LICENSE file included with this module.