icetPhysicalRenderSize(3) set the size of images that are rendered


#include <IceT.h>

void icetPhysicalRenderSize(IceTIntwidth,
IceTIntheight );


Specify the size of images that are rendered with icetPhysicalRenderSize. This is the size of image that is expected to be rendered by the draw callback (specified with icetDrawCallback). The width and height are captured in the ICET_PHYSICAL_RENDER_WIDTH and ICET_PHYSICAL_RENDER_HEIGHT state variables.

The size of images that are rendered do not have to be the same size as the tile they are rendering so long as they are not smaller in any dimension. In fact, when rendering multiple tiles it can often save time to render larger images. Nevertheless, by default the physical render size is set to the size of the tiles in icetAddTile because this is the most common use case.

When using the OpenGL rendering layer, the physical rendering size is overridden to the size of the OpenGL viewport in each call to icetGLDrawFrame.





 The width or height specified is smaller than that for the largest tile.


None known.


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