idjc-new(1) Create a new profile


idjc new [-h] [-t template_profile] [-i icon_pathname] [-n nickname]
         [-d description_text]


Each running instance of idjc requires its own profile and this command will create one. This task can also be achieved using the main application user interface.


-h, --help
Show a help message.

-t, --templateprofile=PROFILE

PROFILE=an existing profile to copy.

-i, --icon-pathname=ICON

ICON=the path to an image file e.g. a .png file.

-n, --nickname=NICKNAME

NICKNAME=an alternative name to the profile. Unlike the profile any unicode is permitted.

-d, --description=DESC

DESC=some description text. A label for your profile stating what it will be used for.


The name of the new profile. Limited to the letters and digits of the ASCII character set and '_' underscore.


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