idn2_check_version(3) API function


#include <idn2.h>

const char * idn2_check_version(const char * req_version);


const char * req_version
version string to compare with, or NULL.


Check IDN2 library version. This function can also be used to read out the version of the library code used. See IDN2_VERSION for a suitable req_version string, it corresponds to the idn2.h header file version. Normally these two version numbers match, but if you are using an application built against an older libidn2 with a newer libidn2 shared library they will be different.


Check that the version of the library is at minimum the one given as a string in req_version and return the actual version string of the library; return NULL if the condition is not met. If NULL is passed to this function no check is done and only the version string is returned.