idngram_merge(1) merge idngram file into one


idngram_merge [option]... idngram_file...


idngram_merge merge multiple idngram file, each of them are sorted [id1,...,idN,freq] array, into one idngram file. For those id1..idN which appear in more than one files, only one item will appear in the final file, and its freq are summed. The idngram files are original generated by ids2ngram.

OPTIONS All the following options are mandatory.

-n, --NMax N
Specify the N-gram of source data file.
-o, --out output-file
Specifiy the final merged idngram file.


Following example merge 2 id3gram files into a large one:

    B<idngram_merge -n3 -o all.id3gram first.id3gram second.id3gram>


Originally written by Phill.Zhang <[email protected]>. Currently maintained by Kov.Chai <[email protected]>.