iex(1) The Elixir shell




The interactive shell is used for evaluation, debugging and introspection of the Elixir runtime system. It is also possible to use the program for testing the work of small pieces of code escaping the stage of saving the code in a file.


Note that many of the options mentioned here were borrowed from the Erlang shell, therefore erl(1) can be used as an additional source of information on the options.

--dot-iex file
Loads the specified file instead of .iex.exs (see the FILES section )
--remsh node
Connects to the specified node which was started with the --sname or --name options (see above)
Separates the options passed to the compiler from the options passed to the executed code.


Allows passing parameters to the Erlang runtime.


Stores the magic cookie value which is used only when it wasn't specified via the option --cookie (see above) If the file doesn't exist when a node starts, it will be created.
After starts, it seeks the file .iex.exs and, in a case of success, executes the code from the file in the context of the shell. At first the search starts in the current working directory, then, if necessary, it continues in the home direcory.


This manual page contributed by Evgeny Golyshev.


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