ifexport(1) IF (Image File) to Image


ifexport iffile outfile [OPTIONS]


ifexport iffile outfile [OPTIONS] converts an 2D IF file to a viewable image file.

The options are as follows:

--format format-name
Choose output image format
--center center-mode
Choose center of window (default is mode)
--auto auto-mode
Set automatic window mode (default is full)
--scaling multiple
Set scaling factor for output image (default is 1)
--min minimum
Set minimum intensity of window (overrides --auto)
--max maximum
Set maximum intensity of window (overrides --auto)
Print image statistics
Print IF labels
Set debug mode
Set verbose mode
Print version
Print terse help summary


Kevin Rosenberg, M.D. <[email protected]>


CTSim was begun in 1983 using MS-DOS and an EGA display adapter. In 1999 it was ported to GNU/Linux and later ported to Microsoft Windows.