iked(8) Internet Key Exchange Daemon


[-f cfgfile ] [-l logfile ] [-d level ] [-F ]


The program communicates using the IKE protocol ( RFC 2409 ) to provide automatic keying for an IPsec capable host. The daemon communicates with the host os via PF_KEY ( RFC 2367 ) to obtain the local policy configuration and to receive key aquisition requests. The daemon is also capable of acting as a client or client gateway and can create appropriate IPsec policy entries on bahalf of the host or peer to faclilitate remote access IPsec VPN connectivity. For more informaiton, please see the ikea(1) and ikec(1) man pages.

The options are as follows:

-f cfgfile
Specify an alternate configuration file.
-l logfile
Specify a log output file.
-d level
Specify debug output level between 0-6.
-p pidfile
Spefify a process id file.
Run the program as a foreground application.


The command exits with 0 on success, and non-zero on errors.


The default configuration file is /etc/iked.conf


The program was written by Matthew Grooms ( [email protected] ) as part of the Shrew Soft ( http://www.shrew.net ) family of IPsec products.