ikidns(1) ikiwiki-hosting dns helper


ikidns subcommand options


Each web server needs to be able to update the DNS when a site is brought up on it. They do so by talking to the master DNS server, using nsupdate(1) and a key.

ikidns handles management of the keys, and configures the master DNS server to accept them for each configured toplevel domain name.


/etc/bind/$domain/db/zonefile is the zone file for a domain. A stub file will be generated from a template if it doesn't exist, but probably needs to be configured. As nsupdate(1) is used to add subdomains, bind will first add them to a journal file, and later update this file to list them.

/etc/ikiwiki-hosting/ikiwiki-hosting.conf is the config file read by default.

/etc/ikiwiki-hosting/templates/ holds templates of bind config and zone files


 ikidns setupbind

 scp $(ikidns createkey $newserver) $newserver:/etc/ikiwiki-hosting/keys/dns/


Joey Hess <[email protected]>