ilbmtoppm(1) convert an ILBM file into a portable pixmap


ilbmtoppm [-verbose] [-ignore<chunkID>] [-isham|-isehb] [-adjustcolors] [ILBMfile]


Give some information about the ILBM file.
-ignore <chunkID>
Skip a chunk. <chunkID> is the 4-letter IFF chunk identifier of the chunk to be skipped.
-isham | -isehb
Treat the input file as a HAM or Extra_Halfbrite picture, even if these flags or not set in the CAMG chunk (or if there is no CAMG chunk).
If all colors in the CMAP have a value of less then 16, ilbmtoppm assumes a 4-bit colormap and gives a warning. With this option the colormap is scaled to 8 bits.


The multipalette PCHG BigLineChanges and Huffman decompression code is untested.


Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual - Devices (3rd Ed.)
Addison Wesley, ISBN 0-201-56775-X


Copyright (C) 1989 by Jef Poskanzer.
Modified October 1993 by Ingo Wilken ([email protected])