im_LabQ2disp_table(3) convert LabQ to display rgb quickly and badly

Other Alias

im_LabQ2disp, im_LabQ2disp_build_table


#include <vips/vips.h>

int im_LabQ2disp( IMAGE *in, IMAGE *out, struct im_col_display *d );

void *im_LabQ2disp_build_table( IMAGE *out, struct im_col_display *d );

int im_LabQ2disp_table( IMAGE *in, IMAGE *out, void *table );


These functions convert LabQ images to displayable RGB as quickly as possible.

im_LabQ2disp() converts in to out using the display profile d. It has to build a large lookup table, so takes a while to start.

im_LabQ2disp_build_table() is just the table-build phase of im_LabQ2disp(). It returns a handle to the built table (or NULL for error). The memory for the table is allocated local to out (ie is freed when out is closed).

im_LabQ2disp_table() converts in to out using the supplied table.


The functions return 0 on success and -1 on error.


National Gallery, 1990 - 1997


J. Cupitt - 21/7/97