image2raw(1) Convert a collection of images to a Raw DV stream


image2raw [ options ] file ...


image2raw converts files to a Raw DV stream. Most file formats are supported and compatability is governed by gdkpixbuf.


NTSC output required (this must come before any files)
Do not encode to Raw DV - output a PPM stream on stdout instead.
-s WxH
Scale the PPM output to the specified width and height.
Maintain aspect ratio on images following.
Scale following images to the full frame size, regardless of aspect ratio
Keep the image unscaled - centre and crop output as necessary (default).
Wide screen output (default: off).
-r count
Repeat the following images count times (must be an integer >= 1).
-b colour
Use the colour triple for backgrounds - default is 000000. Format must be a hex string representing red, green, blue. For example, ffffff would be white.
-A wav
Use the wav to dub the output. The wav file must contain stereo, 16 bit samples at a frequency of 32khz, 44.1khz or 48khz.
Two pass encoding (default: off).


Show help message.


To encode a sequence of jpegs as PAL Raw DV while maintaining the aspect ratio of the images, use:

image2raw -a *.jpeg > file.dv

To do the same thing with NTSC, use:

image2raw -n -a *.jpeg > file.dv


See for the latest version.


image2raw was written by Charles Yates <[email protected]>.