imageAtomicXor(3) atomically compute the logical exclusive OR of a value with an existing value in memory, store that value and return the original value


uint imageAtomicXor(gimage1D image, int P, uint data);
uint imageAtomicXor(gimage2D image, ivec2 P, uint data);
uint imageAtomicXor(gimage3D image, ivec3 P, uint data);
uint imageAtomicXor(gimage2DRect image, ivec2 P, uint data);
uint imageAtomicXor(gimageCube image, ivec3 P, uint data);
uint imageAtomicXor(gbufferImage image, int P, uint data);
uint imageAtomicXor(gimage1DArray image, ivec2 P, uint data);
uint imageAtomicXor(gimage2DArray image, ivec3 P, uint data);
uint imageAtomicXor(gimageCubeArray image, ivec3 P, uint data);
uint imageAtomicXor(gimage2DMS image, ivec2 P, int sample, uint data);
uint imageAtomicXor(gimage2DMSArray image, ivec3 P, int sample, uint data);
int imageAtomicXor(gimage1D image, int P, int data);
int imageAtomicXor(gimage2D image, ivec2 P, int data);
int imageAtomicXor(gimage3D image, ivec3 P, int data);
int imageAtomicXor(gimage2DRect image, ivec2 P, int data);
int imageAtomicXor(gimageCube image, ivec3 P, int data);
int imageAtomicXor(gbufferImage image, int P, int data);
int imageAtomicXor(gimage1DArray image, ivec2 P, int data);
int imageAtomicXor(gimage2DArray image, ivec3 P, int data);
int imageAtomicXor(gimageCubeArray image, ivec3 P, int data);
int imageAtomicXor(gimage2DMS image, ivec2 P, int sample, int data);
int imageAtomicXor(gimage2DMSArray image, ivec3 P, int sample, int data);



Specify the image unit into which to store data.


Specify the coordinate at which to store the data.


When present, specifies the sample within the image to store into.


Specifies the data to logically XOR into the image.


imageAtomicXor atomically computes a new value by logically XORing the value of data to the contents of the texel at coordinate P and sample in the image bound to uint image, stores that value into the image and returns the original value.


OpenGL Shading Language Version
Function Name 1.10 1.20 1.30 1.40 1.50 3.30 4.00 4.10 4.20 4.30 4.40 4.50
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