Image::ExifTool::Charset(3) ExifTool character encoding routines


This module is required by Image::ExifTool.


This module contains routines used by ExifTool to translate special character sets. Currently, the following character sets are supported:

  UTF8, UTF16, UCS2, UCS4, Arabic, Baltic, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, JIS,
  Latin, Latin2, MacArabic, MacChineseCN, MacChineseTW, MacCroatian,
  MacCyrillic, MacGreek, MacHebrew, MacIceland, MacJapanese, MacKorean,
  MacLatin2, MacRSymbol, MacRoman, MacRomanian, MacThai, MacTurkish,
  PDFDoc, RSymbol, ShiftJIS, Symbol, Thai, Turkish, Vietnam

However, only some of these character sets are available to the user via ExifTool options --- the multi-byte character sets are used only internally when decoding certain types of information.


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