Image::ExifTool::Photoshop(3) Read/write Photoshop IRB meta information


This module is loaded automatically by Image::ExifTool when required.


Photoshop writes its own format of meta information called a Photoshop IRB resource which is located in the APP13 record of JPEG files. This module contains the definitions to read this information.


Photoshop IRB blocks may have an associated resource name. These names are usually just an empty string, but if not empty they are displayed in the verbose level 2 (or greater) output. A special "SetResourceName" flag may be set to '1' in the tag information hash to cause the resource name to be appended to the value when extracted. If this is done, the returned value has the form ``VALUE/#NAME#/''. When writing, the writer routine looks for this syntax (if "SetResourceName" is defined), and and uses the embedded name to set the name of the new resource. This allows the resource names to be preserved when copying Photoshop information via user-defined tags.


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