Imager::Font::FreeType2(3) low-level functions for FreeType2 text output


Imager::Font creates a Imager::Font::FreeType2 object when asked to.

See Imager::Font to see how to use this type.

This class provides low-level functions that require the caller to perform data validation.

This driver supports:

The following parameters:
  • "utf8"
  • "vlayout"
  • "sizew"

Special behaviors

If you call transform() to set a transformation matrix, hinting will be switched off. This prevents sudden jumps in the size of the text caused by the hinting when the transformation is the identity matrix. If for some reason you want hinting enabled, use $font->hinting(hinting=>1) to re-enable hinting. This will need to be called after each call to transform().


Addi, Tony